The End of A Footballing Era?

In today’s modern football the words spectacular, brilliant and world class are often thrown around and labeled on players, which are often undeserving in comparison to The true legends of football such as Pele, Maradona, Eusabio, Zidane, Luis Figo, just to name a slight few.

Back 15 years ago football players were famous for their profession, not because of how much they were paid, or what night clubs they visited. Footballer’s of the past did their job on the pitch and continued to lead by example off the pitch also with professionalism that is seemingly not expected of the players in this modern age of the game. Don’t get me wrong I love modern football and enjoy it just as much as I did back in the day. I just believe that the players attitude towards it has changed, but thankfully the fans haven’t.

It is sad to think we will never witness another Ryan Giggs or Alan Shearer or another world great like Paolo Maldini. I believe that mold of player has been lost to the world and soon replaced
by the likes of Messi,C.Ronaldo and Neymars of the game. I’ve never been more inspired to play and try and emulate what was done on the pitch more than when I watched Ronaldo for Brazil run at any defence that dared to stand in his way in-front of goal, as Zidane dance’s around the ball like he was trained at a ballet school instead of a football academy.

I feel the personality’s in football are sorely missed, such as Paolo Di Canio, Paul Gasgcoine, Cantona and who can forget Roy Keane. I’m not saying that there are not world class players, or any with big personality’s that make you want to watch them in today’s game because that would be foolish to try and suggest such a thing, but only in years to come will we be able to truly compare them with any of the real legends of football? Those who really made it the beautiful game it is now known as to us all? To have the same fond memories of watching our favourite players play in important matches, praying that during the transfer window they will be our
latest signing so we get we get to see them wearing our teams badge with as much pride as we do.




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