The Wayne Rooney Conundrum

It seems no matter what Sir Alex has tried with the seasoned England striker he never seems to be happy, and with David Moyes taking over at Old Trafford, will he be able to control the temper of Wayne Rooney as he did almost ten years ago when he was a teenager at Everton?

Rooney has now put in two transfer requests and just like last time it looks like only after a few weeks it’s all been swept under the rug, but is that what is best? Moyes, and Rooney himself, have a few options as to how they can remedy Wayne’s current lack of contentment; the most obvious option is to finally after nearly 10 years, let Rooney go, there are plenty of teams that would love a chance of grabbing a top rated striker like Rooney, with his current value Manchester United could definitely make some money off him. The more likely of options is for him to swallow his pride and tough it out, try to get back in form and fight for first team football, this is what any good player should do and it’s the reason fantastic players spend all their time getting into form and fitness so they can perform to the best of their abilities.

The only other option is for Rooney to take up a new position, he rarely plays as a centre forward (a position which is dominated by RVP) when he does get time on the pitch, he plays more as a central midfielder and acts as a playmaker, maybe with Wayne’s age and experience now he should take up this role and occasionally push forward for goals when he is needed, this role would allow him a lot more first team action and allow the abundance of young Man U strikers to get play time and experience, but that being said will Man U wait around for him to learn a new role? Well, only time will tell what eventually happens to the frustrated striker.



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