England’s Footballing Youth.

Another competition, and another upset for England fans, this time it was the England’s Under 21’s team doing what English national teams do best, failing. The youth squad crashed out of the recent European tournament in the group stages and without a win. Is there something wrong with English players, or is this cruel fate?

Well, about 15-20 years ago Germany had a very difficult spell where there wasn’t a lot of youth talent available to them, after noticing this, they made a change, pumped a lot of time and effort into developing their youth training and providing a ground basis for young players to work towards becoming a football player, now they have one of the fiercest and most talented young players in the game.

English youth think of football as a hobby and that’s about it, and I think that’s the problem, with no ambition and no drive, there is no young players. So whose fault is it? There’s a massive contribution to blame for our sudden lack of talent (don’t get me wrong, I know we haven’t won anything on the national stage in a long time, but we’ve always been contenders), and this is from the top flight teams, now I’m not going to name names (cough, Man City, cough Chelsea, cough) but teams in other leagues work incredibly hard on providing a platform for their young players to develop and learn, this seems to have been lost on some of the English clubs.

Most teams in the Premier League search endlessly for talent, young and old, to boost their teams favours in the competition for the title, but do they search in England? Of course not, the Premier League is ram packed full of foreign talent (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when Premier League teams haven’t got a shred of English blood in them, there’s something wrong), this leaves a lot less time for English players to get good amounts of first team play, there are very few teams that build from the ground up, providing schemes and training for youngsters as they have in previous years, this could be a possible way of curing our current unfortunate spell.



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