Is Adnan Januzaj the next big breakthrough player at Manchester United?

Manchester United is one of many teams going on a pre-season tour. The first game of the Red Devil’s tour on 13 July 2013 was one many fans were looking forward to. Unfortunately, the Reds seemed not to be in their full form as they lost 1-0. But the fans got something else to be happy about as a not so famous name, Adnan Januzaj, has been all over the social networks during the match. But who is this Manchester United youngster?

In 2011, the English club paid nearly 600.000 euros for the Belgian winger Adnan Januzaj. It was in that season that Adnan won the status as best U21 footballer at Old Trafford. Former Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken very positive about Januzaj the past few weeks, but with his retirement the talks with Adnan about a new contract were postponed. Although, last season, Manchester United offered the 18-years-old a first-team contract at Old Trafford. The youngster received shirt number 44 which is the number usually reserved for players on the brink of the Manchester United first team.

Adnan Januzaj is said to be the next big thing at Old Trafford, but what about his national career?
A dilemma between the Belgium national team and the Albania national team must give the Red Devil nightmares. It is known at the Belgium U18 team that Januzaj has rejected every offer to play so far. His father, who has Albanian roots, prefers the Albania kit for his son. Adnan has been to a few Belgium training sessions, but it is clear that the youngster still doesn’t know where his international career will bring him. It has been very fast since Adnan Januzaj’s name was all over Twitter as he was one of the starting XI for Manchester United’s first pre-season. Fans agreed that David Moyes made the right decision to pick the youngster.
Following next is a selection of tweets about Adnan Januzaj

“Arguably a Man of the Match performance from 18-years-old debutant Adnan Januzaj.” (@RedDevilsDaily)

“This Januzaj guy sounds impressive! We have got to take a gamble and draft him into our squad for the upcoming season!” (@Calvin_94)

“It was hot and sweaty. They defended lots. Poor goal; Zaha and Januzaj promising.” (@SteveBeales)

“Adnan Januzaj, what a talent!” (@roscomanunited)

“The kid, Adnan Januzaj, is bloody talented!” (@OmsMUFC)

“Adnan Januzaj, remember the name. You’ll be screaming it later!” (@sho_mufc)

“Who needs Thiago when you have Januzaj? Jhaaan-nu-saay!” (@_MustaphaUsman)

“Can see Januzaj become a Giggs like player. Both played on the wing to start their career and he seems like he could be a one club man.” (@NoahSavadier)



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