Spurs – Stronger without Bale?

So one of the most unsurprising transfers of the summer was Welshman Gareth Bale’s world record breaking transfer to Real Madrid.

The only surprising thing about the whole transfer was the way Tottenham Hotspur went about replacing him before he was officially gone, instead of looking for that one star player who would cost them a decent chunk of the Bale fee instead they went about signing some of the best young talent and a proven marksmen which is something the White Hart Lane faithful have been crying out for for a while.

In came Nacir Chadli, another product of this Belgian golden age. Chadli is a tricky wide man with a burst of pace sure to terrify players in the embers of games and a steal at £7 million. Chadli was joined by Brazilian Paulinho who has already gone about deposing Scott Parker and seemingly forcing him into Andre Villas-Boas out pile, the Paulinho transfer also showed a ruthless streak in the transfer market as he was impressing in the Confederations Cup and Spurs had to act quickly to secure him before a bidding war ensued and they paid more for the player.

One of the biggest surprises was Christian Eriksen coming in and for a relatively modest fee given his talent and potential. Eriksen is considered by those in the know to posses enough talent to become one of the worlds best attacking midfielders and at 21 and moving to a club who play the same style of football has Ajax his career path will be kept along the same course.  Soldado coming in was another sign of the intent shown by Spurs, as they listened to the fans pleas for another striker and signed a player who as Matthew Le Tissier described “only posses the ability to score worldies.”  A look back at some of his goals in a Valencia (where he scored 59 goals in 101 appearances) show exactly what the fans can expect, with strength combined with excellent movement couple that with an explosive start for his new club if he continues the fans will be asking Gareth who by the end of the season.

It shouldn’t be forgotten the talent Spurs already had at the club with the likes of Dawson, Dembele, Holtby, Defoe, Lennon, Walker, Lloris & Vertonghen all looking to build on a relativley strong 2012/13 season and also the likes of Capoue, Lamela & Chiricheș arriving during the summer its fair to say Spurs had the best of the transfer market and can look forward to a strong season coming up.


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