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A lot has been written recently about Football Hipsters and Hipster Teams. You know, the “cooler-than-thou” football fans who purport to support a foreign side you’ve never heard of (because you’re not cool and hip enough!), and the cool clubs themselves the hipsters follow. Whilst bringing them to the common football fan’s attention no longer makes the teams referred to elitist and exclusive, these hipster writers and bloggers need to maintain their cool quotient by constantly telling people just how cool they are, so they’re in a bind. However, they probably don’t follow that particular teams referred to any more anyway, as it’s “you know, SO last season”, and they’ve moved on to someone far more obscure “that you just wouldn’t have heard of…”.


Venn diagram of hipster team coolness

Anyway, at the risk of simultaneously trying to sound cool and immediately blowing it by telling you about it, here’s…

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