Happy New Year & Thank You.

Firstly, Happy New Year. I hope you had a good one and are not suffering to much.

Of course with the clock striking midnight two things happened. Firstly the transfer window has opened! I love it, reading all the rumours and trying to second guess where a player will end up. Secondly we entered a World Cup year! That means no boredom for the average football fan, let’s be honest England won’t win it but we can at least hope that we go out to a team playing decent football, unlikely though as England will probably stutter and struggle in the group stage.

With a new year it’s always worth looking back at the previous one and it’s been brilliant. I first got an idea, for the site at the end of last year and I have been lucky enough to have an amazing team so Adam, Andy,Annelies, Billy, Elijah, Pete, Jade,Ross & Ryan DF thank you once again for doing what you all do so well and in your own styles.

My final thanks is to you; the readers. Without you guys what we do would be pointless, you reading it, giving us feedback and interacting with us on social media makes us want to carry on and the number of readers we hit in our first 5 months was more than I could ever have hoped so thank you.
Happy New Year.


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