Why you’d be nuts not to back Brazil at the World Cup.

It might be an obvious choice but for me, Brazil are the clear favourites to win this summer’s World Cup and here’s why…….

That anthem

When watching Brazil on the TV this summer, I guarantee you will find their national anthem impossible to resist. The Brazilian players and their fans sing it with such gusto, you’ll be wishing it was your own national anthem. Thank heavens for ‘God Save the Queen’……..

The fans

Those fans that will make every Brazilian national anthem more of a spectacle than the entire Honduras v Ecuador match, will back their team like nobody else can. The Brazilian fans will be a mixture of passion, noise and colour combining to give Brazil the ultimate home advantage. Oh and there’s bound to be plenty of eye candy in the crowd to keep us boys and the cameramen busy.



Now is the time for the latest Brazilian superstar to step up to the plate. Surely there will be no better time for the magical Brazilian to emerge from the shadow of his fellow South American Lionel Messi. Get on Neymar to win the Golden Boot and become the Golden Boy of Brazilian football.


Brazil nuts are harder to crack

Gone are the days of Brazil being dodgy at the back, they now have quality defenders like David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Dani Alves and Marcelo to count on amongst others. Julio Cesar is still a top level keeper and will be well protected by a solid defence and a powerful midfield.


Luis Felipe Scolari

Big Phil is one of the few managers at the World Cup that can truly class himself as a winner. Now in his 2nd spell as national coach, Brazilians will be hoping he finds the same magic that inspired his side to their most recent World Cup success in 2012. That team blew away the opposition and the signs are that history may be able to repeat itself. Scolari will be a massive factor when the pressure rises as high as the Amazon temperature.


Recent success

Brazil were mightily impressive in winning the Confederations Cup last summer, comfortably brushing aside the unbeatable Spaniards thanks to a combination of all of the above factors. They’ve proved they can handle the expectation of a nation already, now it’s time to deliver on the grandest stage of them all.




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