5 Reasons Why……. This Transfer Window was the best for a while.

Continuing our look at 5 reasons why…..
Our 5 today comes from SiRZ owner Ryan and he explains why the last transfer window was the best one for the Premier League in a long while.

1/ We had top quality players coming in

The first reason this window was better than any other was the simple fact we had quality players join the ranks of the Premier League. Di Maria, Falcao, Diego Costa, Sanchez, Mangala, Cabella & returns for Balotelli & Fabregas all go to show that despite recent claims, the Premier League is where all the top players want to ply their trade. Infact of the top 3 World Players of the Year only one hasn’t graced the League and that’s Messi, who it would take a lot to persuade him away from his beloved Barcelona.

Diego Costa has adapted well to the Premier League.

2/ The Premier League now has the 3 most natural strikers in the game today.

It already had one in Sergio Aguero. But now with Diego Costa and Falcao joining Chelsea and. Manchester United respectively, we have the three top goal scorers who will hopefully lead their forward lines and continue to build on their own personal reputations. Certainly with Diego Costa already looking settled in front of the Chelsea creative machine he looks like he could be the missing part of their puzzle. Also with Liverpool acquiring Balotelli and Welbeck moving to Arsenal, those two will be worth keeping eyes on as they have have a natural ability to find the back of the net when played down the middle.

Aguero carries the weight of the City fans on his shoulders in what they hope will be a title winning year.

3/ Liverpool got rid of their albatross.

Come on I did well to get three without mentioning the obvious. Luis Suarez has finally got his gnashers out of Anfield and although now FIFA got bitch slapped down by CAS they could have got a bit more for him, I think every Liverpool fan will be happy that he and the circus his actions attract has finally departed. He had some excellent solo match winning performances for Liverpool but often his actions were overshadowed by his cannibal routine, now hopefully every football fan will sit and enjoy the smooth counter attacking football Liverpool play and if not there’s still Mario who can cause us some amusement.

Its the guy banned from football playing for his new team that was banned from signing players!

4/ Some English players got some great moves.

Micah Richards must have been fucking annoyed being at Manchester City, A product of their youth academy and once thought to be the next big defender for club and country and rightly so. He found himself marginalised and under utilised by City and despite a few injury concerns never got the game time he deserved. Now with a loan move to Fiorentina he should hopefully get a lot more time on the pitch and show City where they fucked up. Another good move was for Danny Welbeck aka Dat Guy, his desire to play and his bulldog chasing the ball mentality often meant he was played out of position at Manchester United so never lived up to the hype surrounding him. Hopefully Arsene Wenger will play him down the middle and let Dat Guy score a him 10 or so goals this year, my only concern with that is Arsenal still don’t have a guaranteed 20 goal a season scorer which the likes of Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea all posses. Elsewhere Thomas Ince made a clever move to Hull who have altered their play in the last two seasons to utilise wide men. Ashley Cole finally fucked off although unfortunately it was only to Italy, but it means we don’t have to watch him on a weekly basis unless we choose to. Frank Lampard proved he still needed to improve his bank balance to single handily keep Greggs afloat with a move first to the MLS and then to Manchester City on loan. and Manchester United finally cut their losses on “The Next Paul Scholes” Tom Cleverley and allowed him to join Villa on loan until his contract expires in the summer.

Thomas Ince should settle right in under Steve Bruces watchful eye.

5/ Transfer Deadline Day was brilliant as always.

Jim White, Purple Dildos, Fuck Her Right In the Pussy chants, Jason Bent doing an Odemwingie, Fans turning up at other teams grounds and ‘Arry blanking an interview in the car I love he randomness of Deadline Day, roll on January!

Evertons new signing is a massive one.

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We need to talk about Luis.

Today I was planning to a piece on the poor performance by the England team in the World Cup but then I witnessed something we thought I would never see again. The sight of Luis Suarez biting another player.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a Manchester United fan, but even I appreciate Suarez as a top player and I completely agree with his clean sweep of awards last season as he was phenomenal and almost pushed Liverpool to their first league title. The thing is this time, unlike the others times there are no words of support coming from Liverpool, fellow pundits or anyone. It’s almost as if the patience has run out for the Uruguayan from everyone. There is even talk about Adidas and 888 Poker withdrawing their endorsements with the striker.

So in case you live under a rock what actually happened? Suarez and Chiellini clashed shortly before the goal that ultimately decided the clash and eliminated the Italians, at first look the Uruguayan seemed to run and headbutt the Italian defender and both men went down. The first inkling that something was different from a standard clash in the box was the sight of Suarez grabbing his front teeth as if he had been elbowed. It wasn’t until the second and third replay that I thought hold on a minute, surely not, not again, he didn’t just bite Chiellini did he? The answer is yes, yes he did. It became obvious when Chiellini pulled down his shirt to show 5 teeth marks on his shoulder. The whole thing cast a massive shadow over a big win for Uruguay, the Italians elimination and Pirlo’s & Buffon’s last international game.

So the big question is whats next? Well there is no doubt that FIFA will impose a ban on him that could have potential ramifications not just for country but for club as well as they could put a worldwide ban on him, although this is highly unlikely as it would leave them more open to appeal and reduction under various human rights infringements. If they go down the route of just banning him from all international football it may make him more desirable to teams looking to sign him from Liverpool as they wouldn’t have the burden and risk of him going halfway across the world to play football for Uruguay, so he would essentially have a two week rest every couple of months which would probably make him an even more useful player for the club. As we have already said he risks losing potential endorsements with this latest blot on his copy book, although in his native country he is seen as a bit of a hard man and uses it to trade on his likeness in adverts.

The thing is as well is if this was an isolated incident then perhaps it could be written off as a lapse of judgement but it’s the regularity he seems to do something controversial that would alarm me if I was a Liverpool fan, after all this is now the second world cup in a row that Suarez has done something to cast a shadow on his performances. I have seen various things saying that this is like his way of blowing off when his frustration gets to its maximum, but surely fans would prefer him to go and destroy a team with a magnificent solo goal? or a bit of outstanding play like he showed last season in the Premier League? And if it is the case then why did he not do it last season when the pressure was on Liverpool  in their title run in.

Either way FIFA need to exercise the full force of their power in this instance more than anything to show that they are not as corrupt as they seem. Let me know your thoughts?


Moyes: The Postmortem

So after all the hype and fanfare surrounding David Moyes arrival at Manchester United it’s now over, ending in whispers and rumours until this morning when it was announced in a short statement.

So what can be made of the Scotsmans short tenure? Well it was a shambles from start to finish. He wasn’t even in the top 3 of successors United fans wanted when Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement so was always going to face an uphill task but he didn’t exactly make things easy for himself. Then in terms of his decision to go against Sir Alex’s advice to keep his back room staff and appoint his own he was also making a rod for his own back, after all the back room staff have played a big part in the success Manchester United had enjoyed in the last 20 years so to clear them all out showed naivety.

Moyes’s first transfer window was a disaster, bringing in Fellaini and not starting to trim the squad down to help mould it in his own vision. He showed no planning in his transfer activity. Manchester United have been crying out for investment for a few years in the midfield, they have been missing the midfield general who is willing to put his foot into the opposition and grab a hold of the game. Likewise the defence needed to be upgraded with 3 of the first choice back 4 out of contract in the summer, last summer would have been the perfect opportunity to bring in Garay or Thiago Silva but no movement came on this. They should have trimmed squad and the likes of Nani, Anderson, Cleverley & Fabio should have gone then. Now as we come to the end of the season no one knows if Ferdinand or Evra will be at the club next year and we know for a fact that Vidic (who would have been the only one of the 3 I would have retained as a member of the playing staff) is off to Inter.

Moyes’s tactics as well were sometimes baffling and you sometimes got the feeling he didn’t know who the best team to put out or where to play them. In what turned out to be his last game in charge against Everton it showed all sorts of issues that have been present all year. Yes United had a lot of possession but with no penetration what so ever, it’s no wonder Rooney was dropping further and further for a touch of the ball because there was nothing coming to him. His substitutions were predictable and forced after he picked the wrong team to play against an Everton team who must have eyes on United’s Champions League place. Other games his idea of get it wide and lump it in to the box early showed a real lack of ideas, with the likes of Mata, Rooney, van Persie, Kagawa & Januzaj on the pitch in any combination there is more than enough talent to carve teams open but they just didn’t ever play to those strengths.

Now we look back and say Moyes always was going on about this being a transitional season but maybe with the right appointment maybe he will proved to be right,but just without him at the helm. You now have to look at the potential people to come in and see what quality of players they can bring into the club.
We have no sympathy for him however as he always looked out of his depth in the Old Trafford hot seat and never seemed to resolve some of the problems that were left by Sir Alex and his ageing squad, as for his future there’s a noises that he may reappear at Spurs or Newcastle and we wish him all the best.


The next wave of the Belgian invasion is already on British shores.

The youngest one is seventeen, the senior class member is twenty-two. All of them could be the next big man in the world of football. I picked out six young Belgians in the Premier League who have the potential to carry on the Belgian invasion.

Andreas Pereira – Manchester United (Midfielder), Age: 18

Andreas is the son of Marcos Pereira, former Brazilian star at Antwerp FC. Just like his dad, Andreas loves spectacular goals. Based on his mixed origin, newspapers in Belgium already call him  ‘The New Januzaj’. Pereira can pick between Belgium and Brazil if he wants to when he starts an international career, but he already made clear his heart is Brazilian, just like his way of playing football. The Belgian-Brazilian playmaker is a future star. Pereira signed his first professional contract with Manchester United in 2013.


Charly Musonda Junior – Chelsea (Midfielder), Age: 17

Seeing this kid play is a fine memory of his father to Belgian football fans. He has no need to look at his feet to know where the ball is.  With a power you would never expect from a kid like him, Musonda sets up attacks and dodges tackles like it’s fun. Charly set off to London with his brothers, Lamisha and Tika, but there was no doubt that he is the most talented of the three. Charly is team captain at the Belgium U17 team.


Marnick Vermijl – Manchester United, on loan to NEC Nijmegen (Defender), Age: 22

Vermijl made it to the starting XI against Cluj in the Champions League last season. It was Sir Alex Ferguson who believed in this young talent. David Moyes on the other side preferred to put him on loan. Vermijl now plays for NEC, however a number of English clubs were interested. He decided to play for the Dutch side because he wanted more playing time and didn’t want to take the risk to stay in England and being called back to Manchester at any time. Vermijl is part of the Belgium national youngsters and won the U21 Championship with Manchester United last year. He was named the second best footballer in their (Januzaj being the best).


Jonathan Buatu Mananga – Fulham (Defender), Age: 21

Buatu joined Fulham in August 2013 after his contract with KRC Genk came to an end. Buatu is a strong center-back who also knows his way in midfield. Buatu was selected for all the Belgian age group representation starting with the U17. Buatu signed a one-year-deal with Fulham. The option for an extra year could hold the Belgian youngster in London until 2015. With the recent changes and uncertainty around the club maybe Buatu is capable of providing a much needed steel to a weak team?

Charni Ekangamene – Manchester United, on loan to Carlisle (Midfielder), Age: 20

Charni signed his first professional contract with Manchester United in December 2013. In January 2014, the club decided to put him on loan. He then joined Carlisle United. He caught the eye of the Manchester United scouts when he was playing at Antwerp FC, a club with close connections with the Red Devils. A strong player capable of playing either in a holding midfielders role, although this year has found him playing CB in Manchester United reserves.

Jason Denayer – Manchester City (Defender), Age: 19

Denayer originally played as a striker when he learned the beautiful game in Brussels with RSC Anderlecht. It was in his later youth when he learned to play as a defender. He arrived in Manchester after a stage session with Belgian side Waasland-Beveren. Denayer evolved into an upcoming talent under the control of Patrick Vieira. He has a youth contract with Manchester City until 2016, by that time he should be able to claim his first professional contract with ease. Denayer was also highlighted by Manchester Citys own Website as one to watch and has featured heavily in both the UEFA Youth League & the U21 League this season.



Milestone in a Club’s History – FC Basel

Football is a great game, that we all agree about. It can create some of the most special friendships in your life. Some of these people will be your friends forever, even if you can’t stand each others club. The Beautiful Game brought me to a passionate supporter. A man who would give his heart and soul for his club: FC Basel.

I knew Basel are a Swiss side who play in blue and red. But the curious football fan inside me wanted to know more about this club. So I started looking for the history behind a club who will soon celebrate their 120th anniversary. On the 12th November 1893. Basel. The Basler National Newspaper publishes an advert under the title of ‘Football Game’. According to this advert, friends of the game are invited on the next Wednesday to discuss the founding of a new football club.
Eleven men answer the advert and meet each other on Wednesday. It sounds like a coincidence to have eleven men showing up, but the number also is symbolic. Eleven men are needed to form a football team. It is on 15 November 1893 that these men found the club.

Some of them have little experience with football, though these men want to start a football club. They mainly are looking for a sport which can be combined with rowing. Others are open-minded academics. They hope to use football as a way to escape from a narrow minded way of thinking.
One of the eleven men is Ferdinand Isler. He’s a professor at the Cantonal School in Fraudenfeld. As a great supporter of the game, Isler makes a brochure of this new sport, he translates the rules from English into German and becomes one of the first sports journalists in Swiss media.

The founding members pick Roland Geldner as their first Club President. Geldner is said to be a very sophisticated and an extraordinarily talented footballer. According to Jean Grieder, who takes notes of the meeting, Roland Geldner also is the club’s first ever sponsor: “The pitch and the footballs were made available by Roland Geldner and gratefully accepted. The pitch will be installed in the coming days in order to start play on November 26th.” The gentlemen are in a hurry. They didn’t meet in a smoke filled room on 15th November 1893 to talk. They wanted to find a way to play football as quickly as possible.

The first ever match in the history of FC Basel lasts two hours and it ends with a win for FCB on 20th November 1893. It is a match between the first team and the reserves. As historic as this match may be it could not be called ‘official’. The actual ‘official first’ match takes place two weeks later on December 10th 1893, FC Basel takes on Realschülerturnverein Basel and beat them 2:0.

Over a hundred years later In the autumn of 2003, Basel establish a new Swiss record by winning all of their first 13 games in the Swiss Super League. The previous record of 11 consecutive victories was held by Servette Geneva. FCB goes into the winter break with 52 points from 18 games, a lead of 14 points over the second placed Young Boys Berne. For the 2004/2005 season, Basel made five signings to strengthen the squad. They welcome César Andrés Carignano, Kléber, Mladen Petric, Mile Steriovski and Thomas Mandl. In addition, the transfer of the promising French youngster Djamel Mesbah is secured. In 2009, Basel were unable to win the Swiss Championship title. After ten years at the helm, the enormously sucsessful head coach Christian Gross will be replaced by former FC Bayern Munich player Thorsten Fink. After a difficult start to the season under new head coach Thorsten Fink, Basel make remarkable progress and climb up the Championship table. In the spring of 2011, FC Basel win the title by a one point lead over FC Zurich. This secured the 14th Championship in the club’s history. It was also the second in a row for Thorsten Fink and his staff.

Last season, Basel achieved to become the first ever Swiss club to reach the semi finals in the UEFA Europa League. In the quarter finals, they managed to beat Tottenham Hotspur on penalties. But it was Chelsea who ended their European campaign. This season Basel are once again sitting atop the Swiss Super League, could it be 5 in a row and the 17th league title in their history for Basel?


Ballon D’Or – who gets your vote?

It’s that time of year again when the big debate kicks off as to who is the greatest footballer on the planet. The 23-man shortlist for the prestigious World Player of the Year was announced early on Tuesday morning, with the winner to be unveiled on January 13 in Zurich. Will this be the year that sees Lionel Messi’s sensational run of 4 consecutive wins come to an end? Here is Sat In Row Z’s run down of the contenders. Please feel free to vote for your winner at the end of the article, we will announce our winner before it is officially awarded.


Messi of course heads the list and perhaps for the 1st time in 5 seasons, he is at threat of being displaced as the main man. Despite a slow start to the current season, perhaps people have forgotten that the mercurial Messi scored 46 goals on the way to Barcelona winning the 2012/13 league title. For me, he is still the greatest player on the planet.

His archnemesis Cristiano Ronaldo performed exceptionally again over the past year, yet his side Real Madrid missed out on landing either La Liga or the UEFA Champions League. His goal scoring stats have been phenomenal but his lack of major honours could hurt his chances of landing the most sought after personal accolade of all for the 2nd time.


Their only realistic challengers for the throne all play for the current European and German champions Bayern Munich. Attacking talents Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben and Thomas Muller are joined on the list of nominees by Bayern teammates Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. Ribery is the strongest standout contender having collected the award for Europe’s Best Player last season for his performances. The German contingent is joined by Dortmund’s prolific Robert Lewandowski.


The Paris Saint-Germain trio of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani and Thiago Silva have made the shortlist while fellow Ligue 1 big-spenders Monaco have a contender of their own in Radamel Falcao, acquired from Atletico Madrid in the close season. Zlatan’s recent sensational form and stunning goals will certainly sway some voters, but I expect him to miss out on the top 3.

The Premier League is represented by Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie, Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, Manchester City’s Yaya Toure and Arsenal’s new talisman Mesut Ozil. You can’t help feel that Luis Suarez could well have been a contender but for certain indiscretions and a lack of Champions League football.


La Liga is further represented by Real Madrid’s newest star signing Gareth Bale, and Barcelona’s trio of Andres Iniesta, Xavi and Neymar. Many see the young Brazilian as the man to succeed Messi in the future and his time may yet come soon with the World Cup being hosted by Brazil next summer.

Serie A is weakly represented with just Andrea Pirlo seemingly a token gesture by FIFA. Italian football appears to still be lagging behind the other major European Leagues and has now been surpassed by the French Ligue 1 also. Italian football being written off always makes their teams dangerous though, so expect Italy to feature strongly at next year’s World Cup.

My prediction –

1/ Lionel Messi
2/ Cristiano Ronaldo
3/ Franck Ribery



Cuvelier: The Next PL Belgian?

Excellent blog on the next Belgian Breakthrough

The Inside Forward

Looking at the talent Belgium currently have at their disposal, it’s hard to believe that this is a national side who have failed to qualify for the last five major tournaments. In the Premier League alone you can now realistically build an entire team of Belgian players, a sort of

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One of the first and biggest transfers of this season’s transfer window came when Barcelona finally sealed the signature of Brazilian starlet Neymar, a move for Neymar to European football has been coming for years and it was just a matter of time before one of largest clubs in the world beat their competitors to the talented youngster’s signature. Neymar, if you haven’t heard of him already (seriously, where have you been? YouTube him) has been closely followed for years after impressing hugely at his previous club Santos, winning South American footballer of the year in 2011 after previously coming third in 2010, and after a very impressing display for his country leading Brazil to a very important Confederations Cup win, this could be a warm up for next year’s World Cup held in his home country.

If you know anything about Neymar his style of play has been a talking point for as long as he has been in the spotlight, his acceleration, his tricks and his amazing power (given how small he is weighing only 64kg and still being able to smash a ball as hard as he can, it’s pretty much a miracle) all have brought him fame and fortune, but how well will he settle in the Catalonian giants, and how welcome will he be amongst the rest of the team. Firstly as has been advised by Barca’s doctors and coaches, is for Neymar to put on weight, his tricks and speed were enough to make him the lead role in Brazil’s league, but settling into European football isn’t an easy task, football in Europe is a lot more physical, which given Neymar’s size, could be a problem, I can’t see him lasting two seconds against the likes of La Liga rivals centre backs Sergio Ramos and Gerard Pique, this will be exacerbated when the Catalonians start their European campaign in the Champions League later on this season, there’s not many easy going centre backs and with the likes of Thiago Silva, Nemanja Vidic, Mats Hummels, Giorgio Chiellini or Branislav Ivanovic awaiting him at some point in the future, something needs to be done . This may be the biggest task of all as he can’t keep his incredible speed and increase his power, at some point, something has to give.

Next is the fact that although his talent is irrefutable, the cold hard truth is, he’s second in line to Lionel Messi in Barca’s current set up, they usually play with a lone front man, either this will change of Neymar will spend a lot of time on the bench. Needless to say that with Neymar’s age and talent, he has plenty of years of success in front of him, but from my point of view although Barcelona might be one of the biggest teams in the world, it might not have been the best place for him to start his European career, maybe he’ll put his stamp on the team and they’ll be better for it, but only time will tell.

Lastly is how the team will take to him, Neymar is used to the limelight but in such a talented team there’s not much spotlight spare, (not to mention he led Brazil to a win over a Spain team almost dominated by his Barcelona teammates that ended an over 30 competitive match unbeaten streak) they might not take lightly to his showmanship and finesse, it might be a tough few years but if he proves himself as well as he did in the Confederations Cup, he should fit in just fine.


Messi vs Ronaldo vs Bale

It’s the old pub debate. Who would you rather have in your team Leo Messi? Cristiano Ronaldo? or Gareth Bale? But stop and think about how much damage you could see if Real get there way and have Bale and Ronaldo in their starting lineup next year?

Firstly lets look at the proposed transfer fees you could expect to see if the prospective players were to move, now I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that Messi would a figure well in excess of £120m. Ronaldo has been surrounded by most speculation this summer with his will he, won’t he return to Old Trafford but interestingly the figure touted is only around £80m which would be the same figure that he was sold for, so all in all I think it depends on the player desire to leave. Then there is Bale, out of the three players he is the enigma. He has always quietly gone about his business, you never see him out with supermodels or in the newspapers for tax avoidance he is just Bale, a marketable throwback to the old days where all you hear about him is his performance on the pitch. You could easily expect a fee of around £55m for the Welshman who still has a lot in the tank if he stays injury free.

On the field you have the fact that Ronaldo is the oldest of the three at 28 and realistically he didn’t start performing at this supernova level till about 7 years ago which was around the same time Messi came to prominence at Barca, so you could argue that Messi has the advantage over Ronaldo as he has never had an “off” season since establishing himself with the Catalan club. Bale really toughened up as a player 4 years ago and finally seemed to find the extra level that a lot of players have always been convinced he had.

In terms of who is a game changer all three have a strong case, both Messi & Ronaldo seem to come alive around the attacking third of the pitch and always seem to be a contact threat whereas Bale seems to be at his most lethal (the San Siro hat trick withstanding) in the last quarter of he game against a tiring defence where his pace becomes a real threat. There is always an argument that Messi isn’t as good in the air as Ronaldo but I think that’s not an Issue as Reals style of playing relies more crosses being thrown into the box for the likes of Ronaldo and Benzema to attack whereas Barcelona play a more passing game with the ball staying mostly groused and to feet, and also les not forget Messi’s header against Manchester United in the Champions League Final where he showed incredible hang time. Bale again is the weakest of the three in the air As he doesn’t seem to be able to transfer the power of his running into the box and leap into the contact made with the ball, he also seems to get beaten a lot in the air.

So there you have it. It may seem like Bale is an afterthought but he is essentially a one man team as he plays at a higher level than his team mates and creates a lot of chances for himself, whereas either Messi or Ronaldo play in team of players with an equal ability and they just provide the focal point to a lot of attack.

Borrusia Dortmund’s Secret Weapon

The work of a professional footballer is about 90% training and 10% matches. Training sessions are useful if they can give a footballer an opportunity to practice scenes that could happen in a match.

This season, Borussia Dortmund were the two-line defending champion of the Bundesliga and one of the teams in the UEFA Champions League. But the club has something others don’t…
Last fall, Dortmund introduced a striking device that can be compared to a martial arts arena. It’s a kind of science-fiction approach to improve an individual’s technical skills – The Footbonaut.

The Footbonaut, which is invented by Berlin-based company Christian Gütler, is controlled by a tablet computer and is about 15 square yards. A player enters and gets ready in a circle at the center of the artificial turf surface of the Footbonaut. Balls come his way from eight directions and the footballer must quickly place the ball into one of 72 panels, depending upon which one lights up. The player knows where the next ball will come from because of a buzzer noise.
The panels can light up in three different colours, according to your speed. Green light means that the reaction time is OK. Yellow says it has to be done faster. A red light warns you you were too late.

See the Footbonaut in action

“We are convinced that at the very least the Footbonaut will improve technique, but will also benefit spacial awareness and vision. We can closely monitor a player’s development with data from the machine. There is no reason why a player can’t translate the actions practiced in the Footbonaut onto the actual playing field.” – Steven Mislintat (Dortmund’s chief coach)
A footballer has to be able to perform a lot of actions: he needs to shoot or head a ball on target precisely and he has to have a good physical wellness and power. Also the reaction speed of a footballer is important, and he has to be able to anticipate on specific situations.

One of the devices that were used for header skills is the gallows with a ball attached to a rope. This device has been used in Holland since the 40’s of the previous century. It is used to practice footballer’s heading skills. Dortmund are the first club to get rid of medieval training equipment with the Footbonaut.

“It is as if you are surrounded by 10 colleagues who are there only to serve you balls. In a normal training, that level of intensity is not possible. The Footbonaut allows you to work on any weakness and ensures you that you play at pace but with precision.” – Mustafa Amini (Dortmund midfielder)